Melbourne Sunrise

Landscapes, Melbourne


Decemberber 10, 2017

Melbourne CBD at sunrise.

April 2017.



October 12-St-Kilda-Pier

Landscapes, Melbourne, Seascape


October 12, 2017

My last shot of St Kilda Pier…

on Wednesday.

St Kilda is an eastern suburb

of Melbourne.



Pelican’s Landing

Landscapes, Melbourne


October, 05.


Recently I posted a Melbourne skyline photograph

taken at Williamstown.


 Pelican’s Landing was directly behind me.

Whether named because some pelicans once,

or still do, land there, is unknown.

However, the only other time I have visited

was to attend a wedding reception.


Melbourne Skyline

Landscapes, Melbourne


September, 24.


Melbourne’s skyline from Williamstown. skyline-melbourne_7726-B

I’m not sure which version is most appealing…

the darker sky, above…skyline-melbourne_7726

 or the lighter colour in this version.


Werribee Attractions

Animals - Australian, Geelong, Melbourne


July 10, 2015

On Wednesday we visited the

Werribee Open Range Zoo,


which is about half an hour drive

from Melbourne.

More photos



Melbourne Laneways

Melbourne, Portraits

June 30, 2015

I spent Sunday, along with many other visitors,

walking and photographing some of

Melbourne’s iconic laneways.laneway-art_0120d8 I felt like a real tourist among the

many others also out and about.


I thank these two visitors for agreeing

to let me use their photos. 

More photos: