Corio Bay Swans.

Corio Bay, Geelong, Seascape

June 10, 2016

Another shot from my foggy

Corio Bay excursion.



 It may be the first time that I have shot

multiple swans…all upright.

Usually there is at least one

with its head underwater.

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Geelong, Landscapes, Seascape

April 18, 2016

I know I quoted John Masefield last year, however, it is a wonderful place to be even for a short time.

Bass Strait was putting on a moderate show all along The Great Ocean Road this morning. 

John Masefield, in his poem “Sea Fever” states that he:
‘…must go down to the seas again….to see a grey dawn breaking….with white clouds flying on a windy day.Bass_Strait_0037aBWvivid

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